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If you're an IT professional, it's not unusual to feel like you're holding the entire world together, with constant demands from everyone, limited resources, and complex problems to resolve. Sometimes, you know what to do but can't seem to get your boss to support your recommendations.

SUCCESS Computer Consulting is a partner whose guidance you can trust for the long term. With more than 20 years of experience with technology and business, we have developed an approach to our work that consistently delivers results faster and smarter than anyone else. And we do it with the highest integrity, ensuring we always deliver on our promises.

To serve you, we've made it easy to get expert advice and service—now, and for the long term. We'll assess your network and software, resolve your issues and build a long-term technology plan that we'll review regularly. You'll have a predictable budget and be able to manage expectations. And most of all, you'll realize the true promise of technology for your organization.

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If you want more from technology, it's critical to stabilize and secure your network infrastructure first. In our experience, organizations that fail to do this find themselves constantly “pulled” back into troubleshooting the network (consuming limited time and money in the process), and real business results take a back burner.

SUCCESS can help your business if you:
  • Need software to automate processes in your business
  • Need to access and analyze data in real time, easily and accurately
  • Need to assign us a problem and get strategic advice
  • Are tired of treading water and you want technology to do more for your organization
Advantage Point Managed Services

Advantage Point
Managed Services

With our advanced management tools SUCCESS will take on the burden of patching, securing, monitoring and auditing your servers and workstations to ensure reliability and security. You can rest assured that once the lightweight client software is installed your mission critical servers and desktops are under the competent and watchful eye of our 24 x 7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and Service Desk.

Project Services

Project Services

At SUCCESS, we understand the importance of delivering on time and on budget. We have a dedicated team of senior level project engineers led by professional project management experts to ensure the right result when migrating key systems. We plan thoroughly, deliver deliberately, and communicate effectively for you and your team with the end result in mind, offering little to no interruption with little to no surprises.

Having been in business since 1992, we’ve seen it all. It’s the reason why we believe so strongly in having a committed team for such critical work. Come whiteboard with us and let’s plan together to achieve your goals.

Advantage Point Cloud Services

Advantage Point
Cloud Services

In addition to the Microsoft® Office 365 platform of products, we can help you create a path to the cloud that makes sense for your organization. There's still a lot of confusion in the marketplace and we can help chart a path that explores Microsoft® Azure, Amazon Web Services, and others.

Advanced Security Solutions

Security Solutions

The IT industry believes it’s not a matter of if you will get hacked, rather, it’s a matter of when and how bad it will be when it happens. Most IT companies only pay attention to the perimeter; things like firewalls, patches, and passwords. Now more than ever the perimeter must be done exceptionally, and we do that, going beyond the basics to be more comprehensive—it’s not just about Microsoft® these days! A sound security approach must also include comprehensive response capabilities as well as resilience and recovery. Let SUCCESS be your cyber security expert!

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup &

It's one of the most important components of a network, but so often overlooked. We're here to help guide you in making a decision that's right for your business. We'll put a plan in place to test your backup and report back to you to ensure not only successful recovery, but to report on how long it will take to get back up and running.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

We are one of Microsoft's leading providers of the Office 365 platform in the Midwest, having transitioned thousands of seats to the industry's most reliable cloud offering. Mail migrations are more complex than most companies realize. At SUCCESS, we use strict planning, need identification, and technology to seamlessly transition your email between services.

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