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When you work with SUCCESS, you have the opportunity to share your computer screen, mouse and keyboard with one our help desk technicians. Using this technology, we can see what you see on your screen. We can diagnose and fix problems as if we were sitting at your desk. We can demonstrate tricks and tips to help you in the future. Of course, when we disconnect, we cannot get back unless you permit it.

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Why Microsoft 365?

By Alex Fields, Senior Solutions Architect, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

In our previous post, we described four distinct pillars in the Microsoft 365 bundles:

  • Office 365
  • Windows 10
  • Device Management
  • Security and Compliance

Most of us are already familiar with Office 365, which is all the software and services like Email, file sharing, chat, and so forth that we work with every day--the productivity suite. Many of us think…

Delivering projects and demystifying the never-ending process of improvement

By Brandon Nohr, CTO, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

Every project involves a process, and every process can lend itself to improvement, but have you considered taking the theories behind process-improvement and applying them to the way you implement and deliver projects? (Tongue-tied, yet?)

That sounds confusing, so let’s back up a step. What do I mean when I say “process work for implementing projects”?  First, consider the difference between the two types of work. Projects have a beginning, middle, and end. Process…

What is Microsoft 365?

By Alex Fields, Senior Solutions Architect, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

Most of us are familiar with Office 365 by now. The most popular product bundles sold under this banner include all of the following productivity tools:

  • Exchange Online for Email
  • SharePoint Online for company-wide document sharing and intranet functionality
  • OneDrive for personal file sharing and storage
  • Teams for chat-based workspaces, virtual meetings and other collaboration
  • Office applications: Word,…

What’s what with recent Microsoft changes: updates vs. upgrades

By Jamie Wolbeck, Vice President of Operations, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

In recent months, Microsoft has made significant changes to their updating, upgrading, and patching routines, impacting all supported Windows devices and creating a new process for the latest versions of Windows 10. While updates and upgrades may sound deceptively similar, there are key differences to keep in mind as you educate yourself about these changes.

If your eyes are already starting to cross, have no fear; we’ll break it down for you simply, below.

IT service and support: how do I know I’ll be a priority?

By Brent Morris, Vice President of Business Development, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

I’ve joked that no one ever calls us to say, “Hey, thanks, my computer is working great!”

We work in an industry that is sometimes hard to understand, and for that reason, people’s interactions with our world can be downright stressful. We’re in business because stuff breaks and you need someone you can rely on, and here at SUCCESS, we try to alleviate your stress by making it clear that you’re our priority.


Working with Calendars in Microsoft Teams, including a simple Flow!

By Alex Fields, Senior Solutions Architect, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

One of the top requests we hear from customers using Microsoft Teams is: Can I add a shared calendar for my Team?

In short—sort of, but also not really? However, we do have a couple of workarounds. Did you know that when you create a “Team” through Microsoft Teams, a corresponding Outlook Group is also created? Did you also know that the Outlook Group already has a shared calendar available for you to use?

No excuse for not having a cybersecurity plan

By Bruce Lach, President, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

If you don’t have a dedicated line item in your budget for cybersecurity, you’re not alone.

If you do, you’re in rare company, but don’t start patting yourself on the back just yet! Cybersecurity requires foresight and a long-term commitment from your leadership team, and there’s no excuse for not having an ongoing game plan, no matter the size of your business.

Unfortunately, more often than not we hear a lot of excuses about…

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