October 19, 2021 Community Impact

Nonprofit Spotlight X Open Arms of Minnesota

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Open Arms of Minnesota believes that food is medicine. Since their founding in 1986, Open Arms of Minnesota has provided free, nutritious meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses in the Twin Cities. Nonprofit Spotlight is thrilled to work with this Minnesota staple, helping them move forward in their mission of delivering sustenance to those that need it most. Learn how Open Arms of Minnesota has grown to over 7,500 volunteers delivering more than 600,000 meals this year.

Nourishing The Community

Open Arms of Minnesota’s mission is to nourish body, mind, and soul. This means making sure that those in need of a healthy, replenishing meal get what they need. Open Arms believes that by providing this service, they are building a joyful and nourishing community to lift up the most vulnerable, which in turn will allow the community to move forward together, stronger.

Open Arms’ Promise To The Community

OAM is not only committed to providing meals and volunteer opportunities to the community – they are also committed to delivering a unique experience. With a promise to be deeply personal, OAM helps those they interact with feel remembered and valued. OAM believes in connecting and engaging with a broader community. This ensures that those they serve feel supported, and that their volunteers feel heard. Committed to being grounded in the idea of “home,” OAM goes above and beyond to serve those in need. Finally, the volunteers, staff, and board members are committed to constant improvement in order to provide the best service possible.

Service Rooted In Values

OAM believes that staying rooted in values helps to keep their high-quality service unique. To provide the best possible resources to the community they serve, OAM stands on the following values:

OAM believes in resource abundance, and ensuring that the community that they live and work in has the resources needed to provide for itself. In turn, OAM is committed to being responsible stewards of these resources.

Social Responsibility.
OAM believes that there is always room at the table, and they strive to make room for everyone who needs support.

Building Community.
OAM is committed to building community, as neighbors feeding neighbors, and celebrating the lives and differences that makes their community rich.

OAM stands on the value of innovation and actively grows their organization in order to advance into the future.

Finally, Open Arms of Minnesota values hope. It’s why they get up in the morning, and it’s the secret ingredient in everything they do.

Donate Or Volunteer Today

Open Arms of Minnesota operates as well as they do thanks to a massive roster of volunteers committed to bringing meals to their community. Currently, over 7,300 volunteers help in every aspect of their operation, from the kitchen to delivery, to make their mission a reality. If you are inspired to see the tangible impact of your efforts, volunteer with OAM today by clicking here. SUCCESS Computer Consulting is thrilled to partner with OAM and to help them achieve their mission. Learn more about OAM and explore how to donate, volunteer, or request meals by visiting their website.