May 7, 2021 Community Impact

SUCCESS Partners With AchieveMpls

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AchieveMpls is dedicated to providing career and college readiness resources, education, and programs to Minneapolis’s most precious resource: young people. Minneapolis has one of the country’s most significant gaps in education and employment, and 74% of jobs in Minnesota will require post-secondary education. AchieveMpls is working hard to close that gap and provide young people with the resources and education they need to prepare for their future. As the strategic nonprofit partner of Minneapolis Public Schools, AchieveMpls shares a common goal with the schools to get every student career and college ready.

Bringing Resources To The Community

AchieveMpls brings its vision to the community by bringing the resources to them. They do this through their Career & College Centers, or CCCs. These hubs for post-secondary planning are located throughout the Twin Cities at 15 Minneapolis and St. Paul public high schools. Each CCC is staffed with a team of highly experienced career and college readiness professionals, including licensed school counselors, teachers, social workers, and more. AchieveMpls leverages these expert’s experience to provide each student with the resources and guidance they need in a wide variety of areas. This hands-on help provides fundamental steps towards building a plan for success after graduation.

Real-World Experience For Real Results

AchieveMpls doesn’t just stop at hands-on planning for a student’s future. The Step Up Program prepares students to be career-ready today with real-world experience and paid internships to 200 top Twin Cities employers. The Step Up program works with young people in the Twin Cities, ages 14-21, pairing them with employers who offer high-quality, paid internships to help them be career-ready. This not only benefits the young people who participate by giving them real-life skills, a look into what they might be interested in pursuing, and experience, but it also helps employers diversify their workforce and build the next generation of industry leaders. Step Up even helps students fit into a specific pipeline for their interests, focusing on deepening career pathways, financial services, health, STEM, design, and more.

Partnering With The Community

AchieveMpls’s goal is that every student should have access to the materials and guidance they need to be career and college ready and have a plan for success in post-secondary education. AchieveMpls is tackling this goal with the help of the Minneapolis Public School system. Collaboration between the two provides unparalleled post-secondary readiness initiatives and helps both organizations work with the best strategic partners for student success. In addition, AchieveMpls helps raise millions of dollars from corporations and foundations for career and college readiness programs, early literacy, STEM education leadership development, and other district priorities for students. AchieveMpls also manages over 110 individual school and department funds and 60 college scholarships and mini-grants to help classrooms prepare students better.

Volunteer Today

AchieveMpls is working hard to provide resources and opportunities for Minneapolis and St. Paul’s young students and is committed to closing the learning gap. SUCCESS Computer Consulting is proud to partner with AchieveMpls to help provide the resources and opportunities needed for young people to start preparing a post-graduation plan and upskill themselves for a career. If you are interested in supporting AchieveMpls, you can help with career exploration events or mock interviews for the Step Up program. Find out more about AchieveMpls and how you can help by visiting their website¬†