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When you work with SUCCESS, you have the opportunity to share your computer screen, mouse and keyboard with one our help desk technicians. Using this technology, we can see what you see on your screen. We can diagnose and fix problems as if we were sitting at your desk. We can demonstrate tricks and tips to help you in the future. Of course, when we disconnect, we cannot get back unless you permit it.

To share your desktop, enter your session code and click Connect.


Our Customer Support Portal provides a window into our internal service ticketing, invoicing and knowledge base systems. Using it, you'll be able to create, modify or close a support ticket (or just give us some instructions or information). You'll also be able to access pdf copies of each of your invoices and service statements, while also viewing statistics about your use of our services. What's more, each service ticket becomes a searchable knowledge base article, created only for the people within your organization.

You'll be given access to our Customer Support portal when you sign up for our Managed Services. Please contact us if you need help.

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Click the button below to send an email to our support team. To better serve you, please include the following information in your email:

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Managed Security Services


As technology evolves, so do the threats. The game has changed, and the cybersecurity stakes are raised. Your security journey is just getting started – let SUCCESS be your guide.

Protect. Detect. Respond. Threat Watch.

Managed Security Services

Aligned with industry frameworks, SUCCESS Computer Consulting’s Managed Security Services go beyond the basics, providing comprehensive, on-going protection, detection, and response to ever-evolving threats. 


Lock and Protect

SUCCESS will keep your first line of defense up-to-date and running smoothly. Our certified team of experts has a wealth of cumulative experience in the fundamentals of cybersecurity—the services and regular maintenance that serve as the protective perimeter in your cybersecurity program.

Perimeter Defense at its Best


We set the cybersecurity bar high. Our cybersecurity team includes multiple information systems security professionals and certified ethical hackers, so we know how the real ones think! From the vantage point of our dedicated SUCCESS Security Operations Center we can detect anomalous activity and potential threats, keeping your business a step ahead of attackers.

Stay Vigilant for Hackers



Even with the best preventative measures in place, security breaches happen. Our goal is to spot these threats before they can do any real damage to your data and your networks. In the event of a beach, we’ll leap into action and manage the situation to mitigate the damage to your business and bottom line.

Rapid Response and Support

Don’t risk it

protect your business from becoming a target for modern hackers.