Knowledge Management in SharePoint and Teams: Help! I can’t find that document!

March 25, 2021 | 09:30 AM - 11:00 AM|

Number of Attendees: 48

Presented by the Microsoft Technology Center's Principal Technical Architect, Corey Buzzell

Do you or your employees ever have trouble finding policies, procedures, or other types of documentation? Join us for a demo-heavy session to learn modern & efficient ways to manage knowledge and information in Microsoft 365 to improve people's ability to find what they need. We'll give you plenty of ideas for things you can implement immediately, including:

  • What is Microsoft Search?

  • How can we use it to improve results?

  • How to use Content Types to collect metadata for knowledge documents

  • How to help people find stuff with a knowledge portal and search

  • How to customize search results

  • How to communicate new content using Teams and SharePoint

By implementing these ideas, you will be able to create a knowledge management platform that will help close communication silos across your organization and improve information discovery and collaboration. Register today!

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