Leverage Cybersecurity As A Strategic Asset

November 11, 2020 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM|

Number of Attendees: 21

Gain confidence in your business’s cybersecurity program and learn how to use it to strengthen brand trust and enhance customer loyalty.

Data breaches continue to rise, and the techniques cybercriminals use are often basic. Customers must trust your business with their data, but implementing a robust cybersecurity program that balances risk, customer experience, and efficient operations is challenging. There are many services on the market that promise to improve your cybersecurity, so how do you know which ones to employ?

SUCCESS’s team of credentialed cybersecurity experts developed a cybersecurity program that follows a framework influenced by thousands of cybersecurity researchers from around the world. Our approach enables businesses to leverage cybersecurity as a strategic asset.

In this session, SUCCESS Computer Consulting’s CTO and Certified Ethical Hacker, Brandon Nohr, and VP of Business Development, Brent Morris, will cover:

  • Technology assessments from real-world businesses that reveal how inadequately cybersecurity is being implemented

  • How to evaluate cybersecurity services and understand what is best for your business

  • Cybersecurity best practices to look for and to include in your security program

  • How to market yourself as a stronger ship, boosting your customers’ digital confidence and strengthening your brand trust and loyalty

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