Getting Started with Microsoft Power BI

September 24, 2020 | 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM| Microsoft Teams Live Event

Number of Attendees: 38

Getting Started with Microsoft Power BI

Learn how to discover insights hidden in your department’s data with Microsoft Power BI at SUCCESS Computer Consulting’s Microsoft 365 Power User Group.

Disparate tools and reports make it difficult for managers to understand their department’s performance and to identify areas for improvement. Even more, building data dashboards can be intimidating, making it even harder to get the insights you need to analyze your business’s performance.

Reduce the added complexity of multiple solutions with the Microsoft Power BI analytics platform. SUCCESS Computer Consulting’s CTO and Business Integration Analyst will demystify Power BI dashboards and show you how to drive knowledge from data discovery.

At this event, our experts will walk you through a dashboarding project from beginning to end and leave you with 5 tips to hit the ground running with Microsoft Power BI.

Become the data hero your business needs and register today!

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