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Cyber Security

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Is All Security the Same?

By SUCCESS Computer Consulting, Inc

With an increasingly technology-dependent business world, companies of all sizes are being forced to hop on the bandwagon and integrate technical systems seamlessly into all aspects of their operations. Unfortunately, with more technology comes more threats. For the SMB market, or small and medium-sized businesses, the need for high-quality security systems is critical. The bad guys don’t just use one method to compromise your cybersecurity, and that’s why…

What is Security?

By SUCCESS Computer Consulting, Inc

Security includes two primary components:

  1. identifying unauthorized users who may have access to your systems, and
  2. protecting your information and preventing those users from accessing it.

By having a strong security practice in place, you can protect your data in case of accidental or intentional destruction or disclosure. In a world where technology is now ubiquitous, it is becoming increasingly important to maintain data safety. Securing your…

5 Ways to Implement Next-Level Security with Microsoft Office 365

By Alex Fields, Senior Solutions Architect, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

Recent research by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency revealed that many Office 365 tenants in the United States are left wide open, leaving them vulnerable to attacks and exploits.

Why? They weren’t properly configured. That isn't to suggest that Office 365 is an inherently risky platform; it’s just that, like any other technology, it’s only as secure as you are willing to make it.


Is your DNS at risk?

By Eric Hassler, Field Technician, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

A plea to enforce security access controls on your Domain Name System provider.

Even if you have an otherwise multi-layered defense, the tiniest cracks can bring down even the most security-hardened systems. These days, many system administrators and IT or cybersecurity professionals are laser-focusing on hardening individual endpoints and monitoring internal infrastructure, always mindful of that latest vulnerability needing to be patched.

While those steps are necessary, they don't hit everything. In 2017,

No excuse for not having a cybersecurity plan

By Bruce Lach, President, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

If you don’t have a dedicated line item in your budget for cybersecurity, you’re not alone.

If you do, you’re in rare company, but don’t start patting yourself on the back just yet! Cybersecurity requires foresight and a long-term commitment from your leadership team, and there’s no excuse for not having an ongoing game plan, no matter the size of your business.

Unfortunately, more often than not we hear a lot of excuses about…

How Skipping Our Free Security Training Could Cost You

By Brent Morris, Vice President of Business Development, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

They always say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and to some degree, that’s true—but would you turn up your nose at free network security training?

To put a finer point on it: can you afford to have your employees’ lack of security acumen cost your business dearly when it results in expensive, preventable mistakes and lost productivity?

SUCCESS Computer Consulting provides regular security training free-of-charge for our clients (including…

Cyber Security: Not a Set It and Forget It Practice

By Brent Morris, Vice President of Business Development, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

Security is not something you should review every now and then. It should be a regular and ongoing part of your IT planning and review, as well as your business’ strategic plan. The IT industry believes it’s not a matter of if you have a security incident, but when and how damaging it will be. It can seem like there’s just never enough you can do to protect or prevent an event such as…

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