Microsoft 365 Training

Learn to easily collaborate with files. Communicate more effectively with OneDrive, Teams,
and SharePoint. Discover new or untapped capabilities of M365 applications in this half-day
interactive learning experience.

We offer a variety of options to train your teams to successfully use modern technologies.

The microsoft 365
learning experience

Training combines the best teaching methods for adult learning styles with the foundational skills needed to successfully communicate and collaborate with Microsoft 365.

A SUCCESS Learning & Development leader will guide your team through activities and discussions designed to further their understanding of, and improve their ability to, adopt the Microsoft suite of tools.

Through a guided and interactive large-group presentation, your team will discover tips to:

  • Improve remote digital collaboration
  • Implement communication best practices
  • Manage attention and presence
  • Learn use cases for Microsoft Forms
  • Optimally structure Microsoft Teams
  • Adopt capabilities of Microsoft Voice

The result? A team that works better together to get more done using Microsoft 365

Training Resources

Microsoft Teams Training

We offer a variety of options to train your teams to successfully use modern technologies.

We install and educate your team on Microsoft 365’s capabilities so you can focus on growing your business and advancing your KPIs. Our approach is not “set it and forget it.” SUCCESS’s team of experts provides iterative improvement, education, and support to ensure your employees are empowered to use and adopt tools and workflows. SUCCESS’s Microsoft 365 recommendations will continue to evolve over time as we keep a pulse on your business’s KPIs. We equip your team with adoption and change management services to get the most out of your investment. Microsoft 365 allows you to collaborate with your team efficiently and effectively.

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