Microsoft 365 Training: Laying a Foundation for a Digital Transformation

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“The content was easy to follow in the manner it was presented. The breakout groups helped me learn about different features of the tools I use.” 

In today’s world of fast-paced digital transformation, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. It’s no longer enough to merely have access to the latest technology; employees also need the knowledge and skills to leverage it effectively. This presents a challenge common to any business using Microsoft 365: how can employees learn to use Microsoft 365 to work better together and get more done? 

That’s where Microsoft 365 Training comes in. In the training, SUCCESS’s expert Learning & Development professional combines fun & engaging adult learning best practices with interactive discussion to teach your staff the fundamentals of file collaboration and communication in Microsoft 365. The result? Your staff will not only learn, but they will also retain the information, apply their new skills to get more done, and seek to learn more, paving a foundation for ongoing digital transformation. 

Your Stepping Stones for Digital Transformation 

There are three key focus areas of Microsoft 365 Training that help form the foundation of your business’s transformation:  

  1. Modern File Collaboration: Learn to work together seamlessly on the same files, whether in the office or remote. Collaborate both in real time and at different times, with easy automatic versioning! 
  2. Efficient Communication: Master the art of using Microsoft 365 apps to communicate effectively and save time.  Reduce “meetings” and email clutter! 
  3. Discovering New Capabilities: Uncover hidden features and apps within Microsoft 365 to enhance productivity.   

Meet Your Expert Trainer: Alex Storey 

Great teachers not only make learning fun, they also make comprehending and adopting the taught information easier. Your Microsoft 365 training is led by Alex Storey, an accomplished Learning & Development professional with a diverse background that includes Fortune 500 corporate training, instructional design, and technology integration. With Alex’s demonstrated passion for helping individuals and organizations embrace technology, your employees will enjoy a top-notch in-person learning experience from a true expert. 

The Impact on Your Business 

Microsoft 365 Training is an investment in your company that provides both near-term and future value. By equipping your employees with the essential skills they need to collaborate and communicate effectively, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in productivity and efficiency. This, in turn, will pave the way for digital transformation, allowing your business to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

And you don’t just take our word for it. Previous training participants have said: 

  • “This session gave me lots of tips and tricks for Teams, as well as some great ideas on best-use scenarios!” 
  • “I learned a lot about Microsoft Teams, and some apps that I had no clue even existed.” 
  • “Really good overview of Microsoft 365 tools!  I’m hoping to bring back more colleagues.” 

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey 

Don’t leave your employees to navigate the complexities of Microsoft 365 on their own. Let SUCCESS Computer Consulting provide the training they need to work better together and get more done using Microsoft 365. Whether you’re interested in learning more, have questions, or are ready to get started, SUCCESS is ready to help. Contact SUCCESS Product Manager Judd Moore or your account manager today!