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Cybersecurity for the Pros: What Professional Service Organizations Need in Place for a Secure IT Infrastructure

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If your business operates as a “professional service,” and offers services that fall into the realm of accounting, engineering, consulting, and more, your team is likely always on the go. But while current technology makes it easier to provide exceptional service outside of just the four walls of your office building, it also widens the attack surface of your business, making it easier for threats to your network to slip through the cracks.  

So, the question then is, do you know that your data is protected and secure? Or are you just hoping that it is?  

SUCCESS experts have outlined a checklist of key cybersecurity practices and procedures that every professional service organization should have in place to ensure their data is well protected. Consider these items in comparison with what your business is already executing to determine the gaps in your IT infrastructure.    

Optimized Security Checklist for Professional Service Organizations 

✅Mobile Device Management 

Your organization is cautious and diligent when managing mobile devices off-site. This includes implementing secure passwords, regularly updating and upgrading devices, and refraining from plugging into public systems.  

✅Regulatory Compliance 

Your organization is mindful of compliance and industry regulations. You adhere to relevant data protection regulations and standards (e.g., GDPR, PCI) and maintain documentation that demonstrates your compliance efforts. 

✅Line of Business Software 

You recognize that any organization-specific software applications that you use are potentially at risk and assume responsibility for the security of the data stored within them.  Additionally, these applications are protected internally by multifactor authentication (MFA), a directory service or SSO that centralizes access control, and continuous monitoring.  

✅4 Pillars 

You are aware of the four pillars of cybersecurity, which includes maintaining security inside and outside the four walls of your business, as well as protecting both your identity and users.  

✅M365 Readiness 

Your organization is dedicated to moving away from on-prem servers. Instead, critical data is backed up and stored either off-site or in the cloud and backups are protected against ransomware.  

✅Endpoint Security 

You have deployed antivirus, endpoint detection & response, and anti-ransomware solutions and, when necessary, promptly apply security updates and patches to operating systems and software.  

✅Incident Response Plan 

Your organization has outlined steps to take in a cyber incident and assigned roles and responsibilities to key team members. Then, the plan is regularly tested and updated.  

✅Employee Training & Awareness 

You provide cybersecurity training sessions to all team members that emphasize the importance of secure technology usage. 

An IT Partner for the Pros 

SUCCESS has solutions to meet all your unique requirements, so if you find yourself with a gap in your IT and cybersecurity infrastructure, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts is dedicated to working with you to achieve your business goals with constant innovation. Contact us today for a free network assessment, and we’ll get you started on the road to a secure network.

Access our downloadable version of this checklist here