September 7, 2022 Managed IT Services

What Is the Cost of Managed IT Services?

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Businesses of all sizes rely on effective data protection and advanced technology to keep operations running. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to security threats and risk losing data, business and financial information – let alone receiving a significant blow to their bottom line – in the event of a breach. An astounding 60% of small businesses go out of business after a security breach

Keeping your business protected with managed IT services secures your data and helps you recover if you are at risk of security threats. While businesses may consider managed IT services as a luxury and not a necessity, total shutdown is much more costly than investing in protection. The cost of IT security is invaluable over the lifespan of a business of any size. By investing in protecting your business, you can actually reduce the costs of recovering long-term. While you can easily discover the cost of managed IT services, the cost of recovering from a security breach is something you never want to find out. 

In response to investing in the cost of managed IT services, businesses may look to adding just partial coverage. While this sounds like a fair compromise, hackers and threats can still find their way through the gaps and harvest your data. With partial security coverage, you are still putting your business at risk – and then, what is the point of covering your business at all? Which parts of your business are worth putting at risk? The answer: none. 

IT services from a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offer a multi-pronged approach to protecting your business and keeping threats away. And, in the case of a breach or loss of data, an MSP will be able to recover your data and get your business back up and running. Implementing robust network and data security solutions is a crucial aspect to protecting your business. Strategic planning, preventative maintenance and disaster planning & recovery work together underneath the umbrella of managed IT services to keep your business secure and operational. Understanding the cost of these managed IT services and balancing them with the risks and costs of a security breach will help you properly gauge the gravity of the situation.

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Services from a Managed Service Provider

IT services from a managed service provider take a robust approach to protecting your business. There are four main managed IT services that can elevate your business operations and keep your data secure. 

Network Watch Secure

Network Watch Secure takes the modern standards of data security to the next level. Network management and cybersecurity measures work together to form a feedback loop. In doing so, the MSP can manage your network, uncover cybersecurity threats and proactively eliminate them. 

Standby Server

A Standby Server acts as a “spare tire” of sorts, performing backups of your data and transferring them off-site to a secure cloud. In the event that your primary server becomes unavailable, the standby server can kick in and implement the virtual copy of your data. This level of backup protection gives businesses peace of mind that, in the event of a data disaster, they can recover their information quickly and easily. 

Managed Backup Services

Security threats from hackers are not the only considerations for managed service providers. Losing data and information from external threats such as fire, floods, hardware failures, and human error can be just as devastating as a data breach. Managed backup services using cloud to cloud and premise to cloud technology help recover this information and keep your data secure and encrypted through offline backup. This managed backup service is automated and regularly tested to ensure you can retrieve your data when you need it. 

Fractional IT Director

For businesses that need additional oversight and coordination, the right MSP can provide a Fractional IT Director. This position acts as a contracted role that can take on a part of your business and improve your data, security and IT management. A Fractional IT Director will help align and achieve your business’ goals, create a custom technology roadmap to success and mentor and instruct your internal IT staff. The temporary service of a Fractional IT Director is great for businesses of all sizes as they look to improve their data security systems

Cost of Services

Depending on your company’s needs, size and users, the cost of managed IT services will vary. Creating a plan and understanding what your MSP provides will guide you in determining what kind of IT security services you need. For break-fix services, you typically pay an hourly rate as opposed to a monthly fee. This rate is dependent on the type of job and the managed service provider.

Per device pricing, on the other hand, is typically based on the number of devices your company is looking to cover. These prices can range between $30 – $250 per device per month. Per device pricing is ideal for smaller businesses or businesses with fewer systems to protect. Keep in mind that protecting your business fully is key to keeping your company afloat over the long term. Recovering from a security breach can be extremely costly and time consuming. That is why managed IT services are generally the best option for companies who are looking for reliable network and data security solutions

Managed services offer robust coverage and data protection. The cost of managed services is the most reliable and predictable pricing model. With a monthly cost of approximately $125 – $200 per user per month, managed services offer coverage for many users and many different services. Protecting your business from security breaches, external forces or internal errors is easier with managed services. With a managed services plan in place, your company will be able to retrieve data and get your systems back on in the case of an emergency. 

Service Use Cost
Break-Fix For quick or emergency repair and recovery services. Hourly. Varies by provider.
Per Device Pricing       To cover individual devices. $30 – $250 per device per month
Managed Services Large-scale user and device protection and data recovery.        $125 – $200 per user per month

Implement Managed IT Services for Your Business

Working with a quality Managed Service Provider will help keep your business’ data and information protected and secure. By partnering with an MSP and implementing robust security measures, your company can manage any sort of threat that may arise. Investing in managed IT services is key for keeping up in a world full of risks and threats. 

Understanding the cost of managed IT services for your organization is an important first step in protecting your information and data. Consider the factors that go into adding managed security services, including the size of your business, the amount of data, and the number of devices and users. Based on your circumstances, your MSP can develop a custom protection plan that fits your needs. Additionally, consider implementing further security measures such as email encryption, firewalls and employee training to maintain a secure network and reduce the risk of data breaches

If you are looking for reliable network and data security solutions for your business, partner with an experienced MSP like SUCCESS Computer Consulting. We provide a foundational IT experience that proactively monitors and protects your network while you focus on growing your business. Contact SUCCESS and learn more about adding managed IT services to your company’s security plan.