AI Uncovered: Navigating the Era of Artificial Intelligence at Your Business

September 07, 2023 | 03:00 PM - 05:30 PM| In-person

Number of Attendees: 52

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Join experts from SUCCESS Computer Consulting for AI Uncovered, a seminar that will simplify the concept of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on your business.

Just as the cloud and the internet revolutionized how we have worked over the past two decades, AI, though in the early stages, has the same potential to shift what we do and how we do it. And because there is still so much to learn and understand, we’re here to make navigating the rise of artificial intelligence easier and more manageable.

During this session we will provide:

  • Definitions of the different types of AI, so by the end of the session you will have a comprehensive understanding of what they are, their capabilities, and their applications in various industries.

  • Guiding principles for approaching and considering AI, so you will leave with clear objectives and best practices for adopting, implementing, and using AI solutions in your business.

  • Use cases for AI within your business, which will showcase real-life examples of how you can leverage different applications to complete tasks more efficiently, as well as demonstrate the versatility of AI and its applicability across various business functions.

Complementary food and drinks will be provided at the conclusion of the presentation during a networking happy hour.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to discover the potential of AI and learn how to navigate its integration with your organization. Join us at AI Uncovered: Navigating the Era of Artificial Intelligence at Your Business and embark on a transformative journey towards leveraging AI for sustainable growth.

Brookview Golden Valley // Bassett Creek Room
316 Brookview Pkwy Golden Valley, MN 55426