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Don’t DIY your cybersecurity: Why managed security services are perfect for small-to-medium businesses

Don’t DIY your cybersecurity: Why managed security services are perfect for small-to-medium businesses

By SUCCESS Computer Consulting, Inc

As a small business owner, we know you wear many hats. Any given day can probably find you dabbling in everything from accounting to HR to customer service, and for that, you have our utmost respect.

There is one area, however, where that do-it-yourself attitude can get you into some serious trouble, and cost you some serious coin: cybersecurity.

Hiring an in-house tech might not be a cost-effective option depending on your business and budget, but that doesn’t mean you should let your cybersecurity measures lag—and trust us when we say an off-the-shelf security product will not suffice. There is a workable solution, though, in the form of managed security services.

What are managed security services?

Managed security services are a bundle of tools, services, and actual cybersecurity professionals, all working together. They maintain and monitor your network, detect malicious behavior, and respond to indicators of compromise. Too often, many business owners believe that investing in an off-the-shelf, pre-packaged antivirus software or anti-phishing test is enough protection. It’s not. Managed security services go far beyond software by giving you access to a team of experts with years of experience and finely-honed cybersecurity credentials.

Managed security services vs. in-house technicians

We know it’s getting harder and harder to find the right people to fill cybersecurity positions in small-to-medium-sized businesses, and quite costly. On top of the high demand for qualified, in-house cybersecurity staff, the cost of cyber-attacks continues to increase, escalating the need for airtight cybersecurity.

Say you were lucky enough to find a qualified, competent, in-house cybersecurity technician. While you’ll benefit from their expertise, you’ll still need to take on the risk and cost of adding another employee to your team (not to mention the headache that can ensue if they leave and you need to find a replacement). Even then, you’ll still have only covered one component of everything a managed security service can offer: a cybersecurity professional. In contrast, managed security services can provide you with access to a team of experts and a suite of software and services, without the sunk cost of onboarding a new employee.

Managed security services offer so much more

Each piece of the cybersecurity puzzle is covered under a thorough managed security service, from the people to the process, the software to the service. Consider it a more sophisticated, holistic approach to an increasingly complex problem: as bad actors try every inroad to compromise your security, it’s important to meet each with an impenetrable roadblock. These include:

  • Network monitoring and maintenance. Managed security services provide you with the confidence that your network software, antivirus software, and firewall(s) are up-to-date. Even if you have an internal IT or security team, it can be difficult for IT staff to stay on top of these essential tasks when balancing other responsibilities.
  • Best-in-class cybersecurity professionals. When utilizing managed security services, not only do you have a security team monitoring and maintaining your network with diligence, you have access to best-in-class information security specialists. This means you have a team who continuously seeks new certifications to keep their abilities as current as the real-time dangers threatening your business every day. Even if your company already has an internal IT team, partnering with a managed security services provider gives you access to more diverse resources and knowledge, and allows your internal IT team to focus on other aspects of their work.
  • Security assessments. Managed security services providers assess your network and identify any gaps in your organization’s security. But they won’t leave it at that. They’ll provide you with an action plan to close these gaps, keeping attackers from exploiting any holes in your network.
  • Security training. Can you afford to have your employees’ lack of security acumen cost your business dearly when it results in expensive, preventable mistakes, and lost productivity? Managed security services provide continuous end-user training to educate your staff on preventing security breaches, creating a more secure workforce.
  • Affordability. Building out a full-scale internal security operations team in-house comes with a large price tag. Managed security services save you thousands of dollars on salaries alone by assembling a fully-staffed security department for you.
  • Compliance. Managed security services providers are well-versed in various compliance standards and regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI, and FINRA, among others. A qualified provider will help your organization move closer to compliance by conducting tests and assessments, then identifying and addressing any gaps.

In short…

Whether you need an entire drop-in cybersecurity team or need to supplement your existing IT department’s skills, using a managed security service can give you peace of mind at a time when hackers are becoming more adept at breaching your security safeguards. You don’t need to do it all yourself — our team of experts is committed to helping you protect your bottom line. Contact your security team at SUCCESS Computer Consulting today!