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When you work with SUCCESS, you have the opportunity to share your computer screen, mouse and keyboard with one our help desk technicians. Using this technology, we can see what you see on your screen. We can diagnose and fix problems as if we were sitting at your desk. We can demonstrate tricks and tips to help you in the future. Of course, when we disconnect, we cannot get back unless you permit it.

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Our Customer Support Portal provides a window into our internal service ticketing, invoicing and knowledge base systems. Using it, you'll be able to create, modify or close a support ticket (or just give us some instructions or information). You'll also be able to access pdf copies of each of your invoices and service statements, while also viewing statistics about your use of our services. What's more, each service ticket becomes a searchable knowledge base article, created only for the people within your organization.

You'll be given access to our Customer Support portal when you sign up for our Managed Services. Please contact us if you need help.

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& St. Paul

Sorry, Wrong Number

By Brent Morris, Vice President of Business Development, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

We’re busy. We’re distracted. And we’re all just a little bit overwhelmed by all the ways that things can go wrong with technology (yes, even me). So, when you answer your phone and hear that your computer is compromised and you need to act immediately to prevent further damage, the first instinct most of us have is to provide as much information as possible to that very helpful person on the other end…

Twenty-Five Years of SUCCESS

By Erik Thorsell, Chief Executive Officer SUCCESS Computer Consulting, Inc.

When I started our company, I ran it out of a 10' x 12' spare bedroom in my house and provided a list of services that are mostly obsolete today (anyone remember resolving IRQ conflicts, or installing Office on 30 computers using 25 diskettes, each?).

Technology has surely changed in the 25 years since SUCCESS was founded… and it seems to me that's why our company is around. If you think about…

The Threat is Real

By Brent Morris, Vice President of Business Development, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

For the past two years, SUCCESS has dedicated people and resources to the development of a security service that is both economical and effective. Today, we're proud to announce Advantage Point Threat Watch, a service that will provide protection to your business network unlike that of traditional services.

It's difficult to read the news today without being bombarded by the constant barrage of hacks that takes place in corporate America and we (small…

Watchguard Case Study: Care Facility Protects and Empowers with Secure Wi-Fi

By Watchguard and SUCCESS Computer Consulting, Inc
Client: The Phoenix Residence
Number of Employees: 250
Industry Healthcare Region: United States
Watchguard Products: Firebox T30, AP120

The Challenge

The Phoenix Residence, founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1974, is a non-profit organization comprised of 19 care facilities, all committed to providing quality living experiences for individuals with disabilities. For Alan Berner, VP of Community Services at the Phoenix Residence, supporting the evolving needs of his…

Don’t take away my administrator privileges

By Will Leppo, Lead Field Engineer SUCCESS Computer Consulting, Inc.

Back in the days of XP, anyone that needed to actually use a computer would have been right in thinking they required administrative access to the local machine to do practically anything on it. So much so, that once you tried using one without, you were all of sudden limited to word processing, the calculator, and maybe Microsoft Paint. It was pretty painful, to say the least. Nowadays though, having administrative rights is by…

Suggestions for How to Protect Yourself After the Equifax Breach

By Chris VanAnda, Senior Network Engineer SUCCESS Computer Consulting, Inc.

We focus on providing great direction and advice for how to protect your business, but given the recent breach at Equifax, we felt compelled to share some best practices for you to consider for your own personal protection. An unfortunate reality is that our social security numbers have likely been stolen before the Equifax breach and there’s a strong possibility they will be stolen again. To that end, we offer the following suggestions, many…

Social Media and Social Engineering: The Perfect Storm

By Brandon Nohr, CTO, SUCCESS Computer Consulting
Pause. Think. Act.

In this edition of Pause. Think. Act. we are discussing the topic of social media. Love it or hate it, it’s tough to avoid. Between Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms, 84 percent of U.S. adults claim to have at least one social media account. A staggering two-thirds of those U.S. adults with a social media account say they have been hacked.

The growing threat of spear…

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